Snowice Powder by ICECORNER for #kakigori #bingsu #snowice #iceshave

We provide the easiest solutions to make an bingsu dishes for your cafe. Simplest as an instant noodle,  you can get the snow ice dessert for your cafe.

Our powder is perfectly process from the best ingredient sourcing from Australia with the tastes that uniquely create from our head chef.

As of 2017 we have variety of unique flavors available off the shelf

  • Supermilk Snow Ice Powder
  • Matcha Snow Ice Powder
  • Chocolate Snow Ice Powder
  • Sweet taro Snow Ice Powder
  • Thai tea flavor
  • Soy-milk flavor
  • And other flavor of your wish.

For those who would like to have an exclusive or signature flavor for your cafe, we can have those flavor exclusively for your store contractually.