Own Your Bingsu Brand not just another Franchise shop

Let’s Open Bingsu Shop

Icecorner provide services to help you open bingsu shop or grow your business with very special and famous dessert, #Bingsu #Kakigori #Snowice which are trending and currently extremely popular in Asia. We would love to here from you whether you have an idea to start the business or looking for alternative method to produce your ice block.


Our Services categorized into 2 areas for existing dessert cafe and for people who looking to open bingsu shop for new business opportunity.

  • Snowice powder = Existing dessert cafe looking for better ways and more cost effective to produce ice block. Or even the shop that use snowice powder from other vendor would be appreciate how Icecorner powder is much easier to use.
  • Open Bingsu Shop and setup = For those who looking for new business opportunity in dessert cafe, we can help you ensure that you get  best sources of ingredient supplier and equipment also machine or even more with the staff training if you required.

Everyday we strive and work for the best for our customers.

We also provide professional services by Icecorner head chef for Pâtisserie menu consulatancy services to create new menu under your own brand. We have customers in many scale from listed public company in luxury shopping mall to SMB whom start small and growing bigger branches from time to time.

Why Open Bingsu Shop?

Open Sweet and desserts shop is the good opportunity to grow your fortune. as some say “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream, and it is pretty much the same thing”

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and subscribe to our Facebook page as we constantly update the content and success story from our customers. And we can’t wait to post an update of your success in the future.